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Gareth is a pioneer in the field of immersive theatre sound, credited as the first designer to use object based wave field synthesis immersive audio in both the West End and on Broadway for the musicals Come from Away and MJ: The Musical respectively. He won an Olivier Award for the former and a Tony Award for the latter.

He created the world's first sound system to incorporate object based mixing in to a rotating auditorium for Andrew Lloyd Webbers Cinderella musical at the Gillian Lynne Theatre in London; and what was, at the time, the largest SoundScape installation in the world for arena musical Starlight Express, in Germany, again for Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Owen is co-founder and CCO of audio hardware manufacturer Fourier Audio, the creators of the Fourier transform.engine, a live VST3 plugin host, designed to bring studio plugins to the live environment in a reliable and creative way. In 2023, he and his co-founders Henry Harrod and Peter Bridgman sold Fourier Audio to live mixing desk manufacturer DiGiCo but he remains an active part of the company, retaining his CCO title and board membership.

Owen is also CEO of the software house Show Control Ltd, a company founded with GOS team member Russell Godwin to create unique software and hardware tools, currently only for use on Gareth Owen Sound shows. These products include :

  • rTracks - a dedicated click track playback system for high end productions.

  • rPatch - a Dante enabled digital patch-bay for radio mic systems.

  • rLab - a set of QLab plugins to improve efficiency and workflow.

  • rsDisplay - a hardware display to allow remote monitoring and control of the rTracks software.

  • RadioWorld - a chat tool to enable cross network text communication for shows.

  • CapCom - a cross platform realtime system monitoring application.

  • Mercury - a companion application for CapCom, allowing for more detailed analysis.

Show Control Ltd are also the creators of EnSnap, a dedicated software application to control the d&b Audiotechnik DS100 SoundScape system. This software is licensed directly to d&b and is available directly from them.

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